Hi Seema

I would like to share my experience working with you for my first home purchase. Here are the following things I noticed when I was working with you.

1) Excellent quality of service and response time.
2) Showed very best personal interest to work towards all my needs.
3) Customer friendly and going the extra mile to help me and my wife with all our requests.
4) Prompt resolution to all our concerns.
5) Providing me a copy of the closing checklist and deadlines for Loan approval,
Home inspection, Termite inspection, Radon inspection, final walkthrough, HUD Settlement Sheet etc. and working with me closely on all of these.
6) Giving good financial advice and working with my lenders towards getting me the lower interest rate.

I am 100% satisfied with your service. I would certainly recommend you to all my friends for their future needs.

Once again I appreciate you for the way you helped us to find my wife’s dream home.

Sathees S



May 21st, 2008.


Dear Seema,

We would like to convey our heartfelt thanks for all the great services that you and your company provided in successfully finding a wonderful client for my current townhome (rental).


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for finding us a new single family home with all the great features that we always dreamed about and more importantly in negotiating the deal to fall within our budget.


It's always a pleasure to work with a wonderful person like you. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the best), we would definitely rate you # 10 since we never had any issues with you whatsoever in the whole process. You were very diligent on all the subject matters – small or big, and your timely response to all our inquiries, questions and concerns is something we've always admired and would love to share with others. In all these days that we’ve worked with you, we’ve always felt like working with one of our own family members and we once again attribute that to your sincerity & hardworking nature and doing your best in winning the deals to the likings of your client.


We would definitely recommend you to all our friends and relatives. We look forward to continuing this relationship and working with you in our upcoming new home and also in any other contracts that may come up in future.


Your everlasting enthusiasm and strong zeal to excel make you a strong asset to whoever you work for. We wish you Good Luck for all your future endeavors!!




Indu Sriram &

Sriram Rajagopalan




Dear Seema:

It was indeed our good luck that you were our realtor. It was truly a wonderful experience working with you. We can't think of anything but 10 for the support you provided and your accessibility. You were very accommodating and extremely
responsive to our needs. Thanks again.

I know that our relationship with respect to 9656 Glendevy Ct, Vienna, VA is over but, we look forward to being in touch and seeking your help.




Hi Seema -
I feel you were very supportive and worked very hard in this difficult market.  Every time I felt defeated you gave me strength and encouraged me to never give up. 


I also admire that you not only posted on online sites but also gave out flyers within the neighborhood, knocked on doors and called other realtors.  What I really loved, was the weekly follow-up even when no one went to see the place. 

I have had many realtors but I think I will stick with you from now on!!!

Thank you Seema for all your hard work and for never giving up.  I think your mind frame helped with the rental of my property.

Ramona Jayne de Cardy 




Dear Seema,

If we have to thank anybody, it has to be you for your help, understanding and patience. As first time home buyers, you know how specific and how difficult we could get!! Thank you for understanding our sentiments and values. And if it wasn't for your perseverance, we would definitely not have been able to even look at BlackwaterFalls! You were also always on top of everything and followed up every minute detail, and have made the experience of finding our home truly fulfilling.


We for sure know where we will be looking to when we want to purchase our next home/mansion ;), and have already started telling our friends about you.


As for your questionnaire, it’s a no- brainer:


1. We would definitely rate it a 10! You have always gone out of your way to help us, there is nothing that we would want you to do differently.


Thank you Seema once again, and hope we always remain in touch.


-Swathi & Shantan




Hi Seema,
We can't but rate you a 10 as, thanks to your efforts, we are fortunate enough to end up in a home that is much more satisfying than we had imagined. This is to no less degree due to your hard work and patience as to your attention to detail. It was a pleasure working with you as you were always accessible and punctual while having a considered response to our questions.

I will surely recommend your services to my friends who may be considering a home purchase.





Hi Seema,

I believe that your rate of service should be perfect 10.


Because you have an extensive knowledge of the real estate market  trends, regulations and your quality of support and accessibility towards the transaction is excellent..


Also your experience guided me through the real estate process from finding a property to move in and helped me with all of the details before, during and after the sale process.


Your personal dedication in achieving client's goals is the best and I won’t forget that you have prayed for me as well.


Your being in the real estate business has allowed me to refer you to my friends.


Thank you,






Hello Seema

 Without a single doubt, we would rate you 10+ for your above and beyond services. You always went an extra mile to help us with any kind of question/concern; rather our questions were answered even before they were conceived in our mind.


I have not seen such an excellent follow up process like yours for every milestone we accomplished towards our home buying process. The two  main qualities you have are: 

1) timeliness and 2) that you don’t treat your client and their demands as any other customer or business project, you actually get involved in it as like your own home

buying project while keeping in mind our needs and concerns.


Thanks for being there and for your help/support on each and every step we took towards our first time home buying project :) 

Good luck for your future endeavors and I hope…no I am sure we will always remain in touch!!!




Hi Seema,

We would like to thank you for helping us in finding our dream home. We are very happy in having you as our agent. You educated us in real estate with in short span of time. You were very patient and cleared all our doubts. You never pushed us for anything which we never liked.

You always fought for us, which I think is one of your main strength.

We will be rating you to 10 of 10.We will refer you to all our friends who ever look to buy a house.




Dear Seema,

I rate the quality of our relationship a 11 by far, and once again I thank you for your hard work and friendship in helping me purchase my home. Its was a long fight but staying patient and having faith in you, we made it possible. Being a first time home buyer I'm glad to have worked with you and making this process smooth and accomplished. Thanks for your help.

Daniel Allin




Hi Seema


We had a wonderful experience with you, in the process of buying our first home.

Throughout the process we were so comfortable and relaxed about everything.

At many point we felt as if you are buying this home not us, as we saw all the extra effort you made towards this house, to make it a perfect first home for us.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we would rate you 10 for the quality of our relationship, particularly your support and accessibility with regards to the transaction.

We are very much satisfied with your service and always refer your name to our friends.

You are a very good realtor, wonderful person and a good friend to know.


Deepak and Nimisha




Hi Seema,

1. On Support & Accessibility, I would certainly rate 10. If that is too perfect, should I say, 9.99 ? !! 

I know many of my friends looked at me strangely for going with someone who wouldn't give us the "standard 1.5 %" cashback. But from Sundeep's experience and my own faith, I am happy we went ahead with the decision to have you as our agent!  

The only thing we missed was your presence at the closing !  It certainly would have kept our BP at a normal level !!

Thanks as always for your services,

As always,  you are welcome to our place anytime !

Thanks & Regards,



Dear Seema,
We thank you once again for everything you've done for us.  As far as the questionnaire goes, everything was great, I will give it a 10! 
If we have friends/family who are in the market for an amazing agent I will definitely recommend you!
Thanks again for everything.
Ahmed and Gina Aldebs.



Hi Seema,
Here are the feed back..
1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the quality of our relationship,
particularly my support and accessibility with regards to the transaction.10
We personally did not feel any gap in the quality of the relationship, accessibility or Support. You were always reachable & ready to answer any question we had. We know that you are very dedicated & enjoy what you are doing. Also you are trustworthy, Honest & dependable. We have the confidence to discuss with you or seek for any personal advice which we don't do with most of our friends. As you were very friendly & kind with the kids, they enjoyed your visit & they were comfortable to talk to you anything & everything.   After few visits, we all were comfortable with you & felt like you are one among our family. So we would rate you as 10 as you possess all the skills to lead a successful business. We are sure God will bless you abundantly.

2. If I score less than 10, what would it take for me to make it a 10?
Have a great day!




Hi Seema,

 In our opinion we would give you a 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. You not only helped us with our house but also helped us with you immense knowledge not only about houses but also about home mortgage, home improvement etc. I wish we had met at least a
year before (maybe the house prices would have been a little high but we would have been well guided). We now have a beautiful house and you played a big part in getting us this house.  

I will recommend you to anybody who asks us for a realtor or is thinking about buying a house. All in all you bring an entire solution to the table when one wants to buy a house.
 We sincerely thank you for being our Realtor.

Shrikant and Madhavi




Sorry for delaying to reply. Each time I am on computer, there is always something very urgent to attend. I did not know that the questionnaire is so simple.

Undoubtedly my score will be 10 out of 10. I had heard from people that once you have finished seeing about 4-5 houses the agents will start pressurizing you to finalize a property. I never felt that. We did it at our own pace. Plus there was always a personal touch to this transaction, at times filled with fun and humor and I guess that's the best part of it. At the end of it we got what we wanted.




Hello Seema

My score is: 10
Seema is very friendly, understanding and highly accessible to me. Over the course of this transaction we have changed things some that made sense to Seema and some that did not make sense to Seema. Still she took both equal and respected our opinion. In fact the time that she spent on this transaction is way too far more than what she was compensated. But still she took it upon herself as part of her overall effort not just to measure with money. I do really appreciate her work ethics and respect for client's preferences.

Absolutely you did wonderful. I would not recommend any further than this. You have what it takes to you to be successful. I wish you good luck. I only feel if I have done my part well to make your life easy. I hope I did. But please let me wish you good luck again and Thanks a lot.





Please see survey results:

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the quality of our
relationship, particularly my support and accessibility with regards
to the transaction.

I would give you a 09 on accessibility (10 would be the highest).  I thought that we should have received the money for the house much sooner. 

2. If I score less than 10, what would it take for me to make it a 10.  I would say, look out for the client's interest as much as possible.

Your feedback is utterly important to me. I also hope you would
feel comfortable
referring my services to your friends and family.

I will recommend your services to others Seema.





We (Me & Sathya) too had pleasant time while working with you on the purchase our first dream home. We would like to scale you at 9 out of 10 for the services you rendered towards finding our dream home and closing it on time. As I said earlier you went few extra miles to make sure that we close the home on time. Thank you and we really appreciate your hard work and patience.

Considering all the extra miles you walked with us, we would have given 10 out of 10. The one thing what we missed was that we didn't have any cushion time for closing. We knew that it was the mistake committed by the lender and there was penalty part involved with it.  Still, it would be nicer if we would have got some additional days from the bank and try to complete the settlement in advance.

We will glad to refer you at our friends to buy their dream home(s).

- Murugan & Sathya



Thanks Seema ji. We also had a wonderful time working with you.
Here is what we believe:
1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the quality of our relationship, particularly my support and accessibility with regards to the transaction.
We would go 10 for you.
Rachna and Mehar



Hi Seema, 
Firstly, thank you a bunch for helping us find our beautiful first home.  We thoroughly enjoy staying in it!

Also, want to appreciate the prompt service you have always given us from the day 1 of our "house hunt campaign!".  We are so happy and delighted to find a Realtor like you who is not only professional but who goes out of the way to understand its clients’ needs to find their first home.  More than that, you have always been someone to whom we were able to talk about our likes/dislikes freely during our home buying process.  We also, like the way you instantly connect to your clients and treat them like your family and give advice accordingly.  We can strongly say that with your support and hard work, you made the entire home buying process so easy and smooth. We would give you a prefect 10 for all the service you have provided us and would not hesitate in referring your service to our family and friends!

Have a great day!




Hi Seema, 
1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the quality of our relationship,
particularly my support and accessibility with regards to the transaction.

Seema, I would give you a 10 on 10 for everything and for all the aspects of the sale and the relationship. I could reach you almost all the time I called you or I would receive a call very soon in case you are unavailable (thats only in the rare occasions when there is no signal or charge in your phone). The reason that you are are dealing with most of the stuff and helping us find the right people helped us save a lot of time and gave us peace of mind. Thank you for helping us not with the sale but also your continuous support in dealing with the things post sale. We really appreciate all your help for our first home.

2. If I score less than 10, what would it take for me to make it a 10?

Seema - How many times did you get this question answered?



You definitely deserve a 10 plus.  You were so attentive and provided amazing follow-through. Please let us know if you need any recommendations for any future clients. 

Vijai & Sherry Rai



Myself and Varalakshmi felt that we should write a note of thanks to you, and here it is. It has been a pleasure to have known you as a realtor and friend.

Many thanks for assisting us in buying our new home as a first time home buyer. We appreciate all your assistance and guidance all these months. You had been very accommodative with our schedules, priorities and needs and had never rushed us through the process even with a tight closing schedule. Your attention to detail related to our needs as well as in getting a good deal for us was awesome. We felt that you had thoroughly represented us (buyer) all the way through as you had promised initially. Above all, the references you provided for the lender, home inspection, etc were really helpful and genuine. Your patience and perseverance in getting a good deal was excellent.

Sathan & Varalakshmi





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